Landry Miller

"I'd love to be back on anytime you can give me more than 11 minutes notice."


Landry Miller is a stand up comedian who tours the country performing at clubs, colleges, music venues, and alternative rooms. His resume includes writing credits on shows on Netflix and Comedy Central. He is the host of Talk Show Incorporated, Tulsa’s #1 Talk Show and often referred to as the coolest production in the state. He’s been called “one of the most brilliant writers in a five-state region” by an insane person online, been praised for my commitment to the performance, and been advised to “maybe tone it down a little” by a 47-year old soccer mom with a granola bar in her bra. Landry is dedicated to bringing his offbeat sense of humor, mixed with improvised characters, impressions, and strange tangents to his podcasts and podcast appearances! If you love obscure stories and figures from history being discussed in depth, playing a rousing game of F*ck, Marry, or Kill with chronic illnesses, or crass and dirty discussions of high brow psychology then Talk Show Incorporated is the podcast for you!
Landry was introduced to the show by Roy Johnson when Patrick was working in Tulsa in 2018. He’s. known for his uncanny Seinfeld interpretation and unprecedented smugness.

Show Appearances