NLO 1359: Little Rock Landry

Patrick sits down with everyones favorite wannabe city councilperson/comedian/activist/grumpy old man, Landry Miller. Landry was good enough to put aside his general disdain for people long enough to sit down with Patrick to talk about doing comedy in pandemic times, this recent alcoholism. Patrick is starting to really hate everyone’s inability to tolerate people with different opinions. Landry has one of the ugliest cars in history. Patrick has some trauma from early camp experiences, including fat camp and Christian camp. Landry tells us about the time he got free donuts from a pay-it-forward chain. Some guy has proven that time travel is theoretically possible. Patrick and Landry both really hate small talk. Someone please pay Landry’s Amazon Web Services bill so he stops getting emails.

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Episode Guests

Landry Miller

Landry Miller

Tulsa, OK

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