NLO 1335: Pizza-Off 2020

Roy Johnson connects from Tulsa to try to pretend that the world isn’t meaningless once again. But this time it should be easier, because we’ve got pizza. Lots and lots of pizza. Before diving in to the pies, Roy and Patrick touch briefly on the days developments regarding comedy drama magnet, Thai Rivera. Patrick is in a sharp mood, but Roy thinks he’s mellowed from weeks past. We systematically dismantle some of the most interesting pizzas mailed in for the contest, and crown a winner. Roy roasts Patrick for his low-carb cauliflower crust monstrosity, but Captain Daddy is adamant that his pizza is nowhere near the worst on display in the competition. You be the judge via video – just pretend you have coronavirus and you’ve lost your sense of taste.

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Episode Guests

Roy Johnson

Roy Johnson

Tulsa, OK

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