NLO 1357: The Money Pit

Patrick is joined by Roy Johnson in an on-location show from Tulsa, Oklahoma after finishing a week of shows. Patrick hasn’t been on stage in over six months, and is also paralyzed by a crippling fear of COVID-19. Roy recaps the weekend and pontificates to the dismay of the chat room while Patrick takes a very important phone call. Patrick has been house shopping, and the inspector chose now to call and tell him that the house is basically a wreck, and he should run for the hills. It’s a setback, but that’s how the world works these days. Roy and Patrick talk about ways to fix the economy and how the government is breaking it more by handing out dollars. Patrick is bitter about comedians being basic. Roy recounts being assaulted in a bar by an employee which he is hoping leads to a big settlement.

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Episode Guests

Roy Johnson

Roy Johnson

Tulsa, OK

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