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Nobody Likes Onions

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NLO 1251: Muswell Hell

Recorded in London, Patrick sits down with comedians Nick Dixon and Francis Foster. Nick lives north of London. Like, really north of London. Buses on buses on buses. But that’s where you’d expect to find a star of his caliber, as we find out in this show. After a very cursory introduction, we talk all […]

NLO 1224: Stranger Things

Shooby sits in for our Dranksgiving Weekend show, where we just get trashed. Safety pin friendly! We are making fun of the annual black friday shoppers and the swath of destruction they cause every year at Walmarts around the country just to save forty dollars on a television. We keep playing the soundtrack to Stranger […]

NLO 1213: Eurovision and Cricket

Patrick and Sean sit down with Ewan Spence, and the rest is just nonsense. If you don’t care about the Eurovision Song Contest or the rules of cricket or hearing Patrick get frustrated with learning both, you should just skip this one. Especially if you’re American and your likelihood of ever running into either one […]

NLO 1150: Opt Out For Humans

Patrick returns after a short break to bring you updates on everything. D-Fritz join in from Los Angeles. We discuss murder reality entertainment, and Patrick shows off some cool new men’s jewelry. Fritz isn’t in to Patrick’s new idea for a social service that lets you unsubscribe from people’s bullshit. There’s new updates on the […]

AS 1145 – Patrick, The Cops

We check in on our podcast pals and see how they’re doing. Patrick gets some more weird calls and finally a big call from THE POLICE!   `

Josh Denny Podcast Review

Our old pal Josh recently appeared on another podcast. Let’s all have a listen, shall we?    

NLO 1101: Equipping Fritz

Patrick is joined by his Sunday pal, ya boi D-Fritz. We are all on pins and needles to see if the money raised by D-Fritz for his new microphone setup was put to good use. Nope. He still sounds like crap, and what’s worse is the rumors are he is spending all of his money […]

NLO 1100: Hella Haterz

Patrick is in the studio solo today to address a ton of hate coming our way. In the first half of the show, Patrick talks shortly about Letterman retiring and what it means to him. The chat is not in the mood for normal “content” and insists we move on to addressing the recent hate […]

NLO 1092: Allies

Alli Breen joins the show for the first time in New York. We talk more about Adam Carolla and the recent ruling on the podcast patent he was fighting. We talk about the trans and gay community, and how they need to just chill out. No comedians are ever happy with their careers, from LA […]

PM in the AM 34 – Podnutz

This is one THREE HOUR bonus show you are not going to want to miss. Patrick gets a tweet from someone saying they dedicated their Android app podcast to him and his recent request for “must have” apps. Patrick listens to the show live, and Lukster calls in to co-host the review. Enjoy this awesome […]

Marathon – October 2014 – Part 1

The NLO Marathon Show kicks off with D-Fritz. The studio is hot, and Patrick explains his experience running around and trying to find an air conditioner for the studio, since the central AC unit is not working. We introduce you to Cool Cat, and talk about how Target is really going downhill in the retail […]

NLO 1042: Denny’s Done

D-Fritz sits in on this surprisingly light and funny edition of the show. Patrick is feely spry after using his pedegg and not killing himself. There are no more flies in the studio because there have been more dead rats found and removed from the attic. We recap the last week in Josh-drama, and ultimately […]

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