NLO 1387: Crypto Crybabies

Comedian Scott Bowser is in studio for the first time in almost seven years. While he’s taken a break from standup for awhile, he has found a new love for podcasting. Patrick laments at how easy it is for people to startup a podcast with no conviction. Private messaging app Signal has pissed off Facebook by exposing how much personal information they know about people. The guys discuss the old days, including the early days of cryptocurrency, leaving Los Angeles, and more. Patrick questions Scott about his new profession in the cannibis industry. Patrick doesn’t buy in to experts, labs and testing; it’s all made up nonsense. Scott peruses some baseball cards that Patrick recently acquired to tell him if they might be worth something. Patrick comes up with a new idea for a Vegas-style baby go bye-bye clinic that might take tik-tokking teen girls by storm. Scott teaches Patrick about horse racing and the intricacies of horse breeding. The guys finish the show by listening to some songs that have been in the vault for quite awhile from a racist musical called White Noise.

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Episode Guests

Scott Bowser

Scott Bowser

Las Vegas, NV

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