NLO 1366: Warbly Porker

Patrick is balls deep in the house buying process, and the stress is beginning to take it’s toll. He’s intimidated by the prospect of taking on the project of installing a pool in his back yard, and he feels pressured by Big Pool. Costco has a lot to answer for when it comes to how he was treated recently at the optical center. Along with being ignored at the service counter, he’s sick of being stalked like a D-level celebrity by cashiers. Patrick is disappointed in the new MacBook announcement. Everyone seems to be over the coronavirus now. There’s even some Cucker Tarlson jokes in this one. We check in on the state of the eyeglass industry. Don’t trust any industry that can take giant percentage discounts off their products. Somehow we end up on politics again and Patrick is getting to be over all of it.

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