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NLO 1389: Comedy Whistleblowers (Part 1)

Patrick is back to go over some of the stories he meant to cover in the previous show. Crazy Joe derailed the programming a bit, so today you get leftovers. Patrick is happy to be out in society without a mask, but is super sus about the way we were all told about it. Rachel Maddow is having some issue processing things. Sarah Silverman can’t seem to understand that, in general, men are stronger than women. Patrick breaks down the recent events involving the “cancelling” of Tony Hinchcliffe by a virtue signaling opportunity-seeking nobody comic in Austin. AirBNB is trying to get you to think they are cool by setting up overnight stays in Popeyes chicken restaurants and the last Blockbuster video store in Bend, Oregon.

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NLO 1366: Warbly Porker

Patrick is balls deep in the house buying process, and the stress is beginning to take it’s toll. He’s intimidated by the prospect of taking on the project of installing a pool in his back yard, and he feels pressured by Big Pool. Costco has a lot to answer for when it comes to how he was treated recently at the optical center. Along with being ignored at the service counter, he’s sick of being stalked like a D-level celebrity by cashiers.

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Election Night 2020 Pt. 2: Biden Starts Slidin’

Patrick continues his exclusive brand of irreverent election coverage with the renewed zest of a man who has recently returned from the toilet. In this FOUR HOUR block, we begin to see Donald Trump surge in some key states to the chagrin of most newscasters. Biden starts to lead in the popular vote, but who cares. Ohio, Florida, Georgia. Everything looks to be coming up Trump!

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NLO 1360: Cooking Without Gas

Patrick is back from doing shows on the road and is back to hunting for a house. It’s not been going well, but he has an offer in on a new place that is pretty sweet, but it’s missing that sweet natural gas he craves. Patrick is traumatized by the left and baffled by the right, and he doesn’t even know what’s real anymore. He is officially undecided for the upcoming presidential election, and the media spin isn’t making it any easier.