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Melton in the Morning (Nov. 1, 2022

Patrick does a quick introduction for Rokfin people, and explains that this show will be improving slowly. A transgender woman buys the Miss Universe pageant. Costco is selling a 60,000 piece puzzle. Hollywood is being overrun by the homeless and no one seems to care. The grossest man ever is dead, possibly from trying to be clean. People are snapping at parties and shooting people. Why can’t people just have wild conspiracies and believe nonsense anymore? The Paul Pelosi thing has some weird details and there’s something amiss. Kanye West is pouring money in to something called the Ecosystem. Kindness is overrated.

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NLO 1366: Warbly Porker

Patrick is balls deep in the house buying process, and the stress is beginning to take it’s toll. He’s intimidated by the prospect of taking on the project of installing a pool in his back yard, and he feels pressured by Big Pool. Costco has a lot to answer for when it comes to how he was treated recently at the optical center. Along with being ignored at the service counter, he’s sick of being stalked like a D-level celebrity by cashiers.

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NLO 1317: Porn Syrup

Tyler Jolley joins Patrick in the studio to race to the bottom of a bottle of scotch. What could go wrong? The summary of things discussed in this show couldn’t be listed if you tried. Trader Joes and cookie butter are pretty much a scam, Costco sponsors the show now, and nobody is sure whether mezcal is tequila or vice versa.