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NLO 1289: Newcastle Nights

Patrick is joined by a group of comedians from Newcastle, Australia. The group just finished doing an open mic comedy show in a pub where the patrons were more concerned with eating two dollars tacos than watching the show that was on in front of them. Possibly rightly so. Andrew Milos from the Big Dog […]

NLO 1211: Lady Lump

Sean, Mikey, Chip Chip Chris, Patrick and the crew sit out and interview randoms at the fringe. Recorded in the VIP bar at the Underbelly, amongst the moonlight and the noise of the fringe, this show features several guests and discussions about the fringe experience and the whole festival comes to a close. Patrick gets […]

NLO 1161: Nellyville

Comedians James Hesky and Darryl Charles are here to talk pepperoni pizzas. Patrick has just learned that rapper Nelly had a reality show. That’s a relief, given the current drama still happening with Kanye West and his newest album. Another list of the best comedians ever has been published, and we go over it with […]

PM in the AM – Dec 15, 2015

There’s new Butch Bradley drama to be told. We have some new Twitter warriors. We also take a look at Al Jackson’s latest project – a gay rap video prank.   `

NLO 1128: Comedy Comments

It’s Sunday, and that probably means ya boi (your boy) is somewhere nearby. D-Fritz joins this show to talk about condemning new fans and redemption for others. We watch a video apology from new-superfan Steve Curran. Patrick updates everyone on his weight loss progress. Patrick talks about all hell breaking loose in a comedy contest […]

NLO 1098: Questions and Danswers

You might want to sit down for this three hour show with comedian Dan Nainan in studio. The subject of a lot of internet hate for years, Dan Nainan is a half Japanese, half Indian comedian who will not shy away from telling you how well he is doing. Steaks. Women. Travel. His Tesla. And […]

Marathon Show – January 2014 – FULL VIDEOS

The entire 24-Hour Marathon Show video from our January 2014 Marathon Show in Los Angeles. This show features tons of great guests, including Moody, Will from NZ, Chip Chip Chris, Ken Barnard, Cornell Reid, Danny Lobell, Sean Green, Tess Barker, Josh Denny, a magician, an impressionist, maybe a satan worshipper, and so much more!   […]

NLO 1058: Waxing Disgusting

The studio is packed with comics, including Al Jackson, Forrest Shaw, and Cornell Reid. We are focusing on hating people for the content of their character. Forrest tells us all about his earwax issues, and we all try not to gag. Al thinks it’s racist whenever anyone says the word banana. Asians are taking over […]

NLO 1032: The Dookie Story

Patrick is back from DC, and despite being sick he has a story to tell. While his trip to Washington was mostly surrounded by positive and fun times, there was one incident that left a bad taste in his mouth. While performing a set at a show that a friend hooked him up with, he […]

NLO 1000: Live in Los Angeles

Patrick is joined live in Los Angeles by fans and special guests! Our 1000th show, recorded live in Los Angeles on February 1, 2014, features Moody, Al Jackson, Daniel Fritz, Chip Chip Chris, Cornell Reid, Karl Hess, Scott Bowser, Danny Lobell and more! Find out about pizza slice sizes, what Al’s neighbors are up to, […]

NLO 968: Cliff Cash Still Sucks

Ex-intern Shooby stops by the show to hang out and help Patrick kick off his birthday weekend. This show involves quite a bit of drinking, but quite a bit of comedy gold as well. It’s part one of three, and we talk about everything from Ender’s Game to iced coffee. Patrick wants to bring screen […]

NLO 944: Stage Dive

This show is all over the place and the studio is packed full of misfits. We’ve got comedians Al Jackson and Forrest Shaw, along with the lovely Mikala and ex-intern turned business professional, Shooby. We are getting really confrontational in this episode. We watch a video of Jason Alexander keeping the McDLT hot and cold, […]

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