April 16, 2024: Looking In On The LADIES! Steel Toe Aaron Imholte Has Learned NOTHING!

There’s definitely some Aaron Imholte and Steel Toe Morning Show news to cover this morning, but we’ve also got to check in with some of our favorite ladies of the Onionverse and see what they’re “creating.” Summer Sinclair has some new old standup to show off, and you won’t believe her latest karaoke banger. Angie Krum filmed a bunch of podcasts six months ago but refuses to put them out for public consumption. Where is this haircutting podcast and why can’t we watch it? Aaron is back to his old ways just hours after proclaiming he is a narcissist and needs to work on himself. The humility didn’t last long, and Mooby is back to his old bragging and cope as he wakes up today to find himself suspended from YouTube yet again!

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