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April 16, 2024: Looking In On The LADIES! Steel Toe Aaron Imholte Has Learned NOTHING!

There’s definitely some Aaron Imholte and Steel Toe Morning Show news to cover this morning, but we’ve also got to check in with some of our favorite ladies of the Onionverse and see what they’re “creating.” Summer Sinclair has some new old standup to show off, and you won’t believe her latest karaoke banger. Angie Krum filmed a bunch of podcasts six months ago but refuses to put them out for public consumption. Where is this haircutting podcast and why can’t we watch it? Aaron is back to his old ways just hours after proclaiming he is a narcissist and needs to work on himself. The humility didn’t last long, and Mooby is back to his old bragging and cope as he wakes up today to find himself suspended from YouTube yet again!

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October 19, 2023 – Steel Toe Is QUITTING! Angie Krum Readies a NEW Show, Keanu Is a SITTING DUCK

On Thursdays, NLO gives thanks to the gods above for bestowing upon us a bounty of idiots to comb through. Angie Krum has been quietly headlining some of the crappiest Vegas gigs while secretly preparing to do a haircut show. You’ll see. Keanu got shot at and showed the world exactly how to act like a helplessly marooned idiot. Stuttering John keeps coming for Patrick. Heather Gillespie thinks people are wearing skin suits and she likes cooking in her tent with a hair dryer, Chad Zumock is being paid a fist full of cash to talk to a psychiatrist this afternoon, and we will be here for it.

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September 12, 2023 – LOST LADIES of Las Vegas, Puppet Love, Patrick Tests Live!

Happy FRIDAY! Join Patrick in putting a tight bow on this weeks mayhem. We have an art contest today, and it’s sure to make KC Armstrong squirm in his pantaloons! We want to see your best homo-erotic interpretation of KC Armstrong from the Howard Stern show – whether he’s dolled up with nowhere to go, or lounging around with the “boys,” we want to see it. Michael Ray Bower has been putting out no content and wants the haters to know he is killing it. What is this delusion that once “kind-of-celebs” have that makes them thing they have the clout and skills to be big stars today?

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NLO LIVE: Steel Toe’s CRINGE Show, Angie Krum is DREAMING Again! (August 14, 2023)

It’s Monday! Patrick hears some info about the Steel Toe Morning Show and their ninth anniversery party. Let’s see how Aaron tells the story in comparison to the reports Patrick received about the event. Las Vegas comedians are running amuck since Patrick has been distracted by comedians in other parts of the country. Today we refocus on a couple of these nuts to try to bring some balance to our lives! Clench your bubble guts and join the fun!

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NLO 1440: Is Comedy Broken?

Patrick is in a mood as the show kicks off and he has frustrating issues with his Mac and iPad. Patrick talks about the return of PM in the AM which will exclusively be available on RokFin and the Overdose. There’s never been more options for content creators to lose money on! Comedy is changing, and comedy in Las Vegas is a weird creature on its own. Patrick rants about comedians who constantly headline bar shows over and over and over and continue to advertise them like it’s special every week. Patrick rubs weed dust in his eyes and has to scream for seven minutes about it. The Paprika Show is one of the most revealing and sad productions on the Las Vegas comedy scene. We listen to an ex-UFC fighter and a hairdresser talk about nothing.

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NLO 1427: Denial Double Down

There’s so many updates from so many creeps! Thai is spinning out of control. His YouTube is suspicious and Patrick can’t figure out exactly what’s going down. Thai threatens to do a tell-all about AJ Rivera and his most recently terminated friendship. A new comedy contest scam has Las Vegas comedians excited about the prospect of winning something meaningless. Josh Denny is on a real grown-up big-boy tour! Josh texted Patrick telling him that he’s got it all wrong, and maybe he was right! We revisit some of Josh’s biggest successes. Trouble in Vegas has been quietly posting L’s for months. Angie Krum is deeper than we ever knew. AOC is a super-emotionally reactive nut.

Aftershow Video

Aftershow 1427: Deep Krum

We explore a deep dive interview with Angie Krum and we learn so much. You may want to alert the international authorities, because Patrick is pretty sure that Angie admits to trafficking stimulants across the border in to the United States. It’s true what they say – Krum’s do have more fun! We don’t get two sentences in to this interview before Angie starts talking about penises and sex and all the sex and penises she’s had. She talks about how guys can’t satisfy her, and she travels the world doing guest sets and banging guys, and that’s what comedy is. Also she wants a boat and to travel and do movies and tv. You know, real little girl princess shit!

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NLO 1426: Krumplaint Department

It’s Sunday and that means it’s time to gather around a campfire and roast the toes of our rivals over the flames of our most deep desires. Patrick hears multiple reports about Angie Krum and how she can’t stop talking about Patrick to people around town. Patrick doubles down on his position on Angie, and asks if she’d like to clarify anything. Patrick talks about attending Wiseguys open mic last week, where Thai Rivera may or may not have been making eyes at Patrick across the room. We take a look at comedian Danny Bevins on Facebook for a glimpse at a grown man who is unraveling publicly with every passing day. Unfortunately, this sickness is spreading. Learn how to process your emotions

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Sunday Funday! Krummy Komedy

It’s SUNDAY! It’s FUNDAY! It’s time to see what’s wrong in the world according to Patrick. We’ve got rumors swirling and comedy to watch! Pour yourself a glass of Tang and let’s get to it! Thai is removed from a show by local comedy mom Irma Ruiz, and he isn’t happy about it. That’s not going to stop him from pretending to be Unbothered for 30 minutes about it. Our friend TommyNC2010 calls in to talk about dead dads, and of course tries to turn the conversation political and controversial. Vegas comedian Angie Krum has been taunting her new comedy special, but Patrick can’t believe it’s only ten minutes long. Some chat members are frothed over Patrick krumming the water, but is it worth it?

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NLO 1401: Boobies & The Blowfish

Patrick wants you to subscribe and follow his standup YouTube channel for a project he will be doing all October long, writing new bits and uploading successes and failures along the way. Patrick talks about some recent outings, which leads to a discussion of Eddie Ifft, Chad Zumock, and Graham Elwood. Patrick recounts his experience with Graham Elwood years ago, and we watch the awful music video he made. Josh Denny has been making the rounds as a new right-wing nut, and he’s against abortions now. We find an old show where Josh talks about convincing a maid he knocked up to kill that baby, and check out his newest show, Next Week Tonight. There’s also some rumors going around about the recent fentanyl oopsie involving the death of three comics.

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Watching the Throne – Part 3 of 3

In this third installment of Watching the Throne, the complete Thai Rivera residency controversy gets even more spin, with Thai declaring the entire weekend a success on his social media and podcast. We listen as this toy boy spins yarns about how happy the venue was with the turnout, how well the shows went, and how impressed the audience was. Unfortunately for Thai, the audio and video evidence seems to contradict his rose-colored view of the entire residency, as well as his talent. We also get a response from comedian Ralph Tutela, who was intended to be Thai’s partner for the residency, but sobered up before the debut and backed out. Not even newer comics on the Vegas scene want to be a part of the implosion of a gay madman and his career

Featured Videos

Watching the Throne (Part 2 of 3)

A comedic review of the latest KING of comedy in Las Vegas. This one is a great tale from the C, and so many people helped provide insight in to the story being woven for your absolute amusement and horror. In Part 2, we listen in to another show featuring comedians Thai Rivera, Angie Krum and Dante Verduzco. It’s worse than the first, if that is at all possible, and the grift is real when it comes to Thai collecting money under the guise of this being a Vegas strip-worthy show. Strap in for another long episode with more unbelievable moments throughout, including Thai asking his feature act to leave in the middle of the show. This show was originally live streamed on June 17, 2021. Thai Rivera has since attempted to strike Nobody Likes Onions’ YouTube channel with a copyright takedown notice.