June 25, 2024: HAWK TUAH-SDAY! Angie Krum FINALLY Releases Haircast! Fatties Galore!

Patrick tries to get in to some other topics as we sit and wait for some expected bombshell from the Nick Rekieta and Aaron Imholte love triangle with Minnesota egg-trash, April Anderson. What is expected to come out next? We don’t know but it’s supposed to be really big and shocking news. Planet with a Palate is back and she wants to show off her boy to the channel while using her air fryer. Angie Arum has finally released her re-recorded podcast where she cuts the hair of nobody wannabe comedians around the Vegas area from her budget high-rise above the strip. Let’s watch as a comic who can’t “cut it” attempts to create a show where her dud personality merges with other boring failures from around the comedy flop scene. Celebrate the fat wit NLO on this magical Tuesday!

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