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Nobody Likes Onions

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Live in Seattle – August 22, 2015

This is one of our drunkest, most out-of-control live shows ever. Please be aware that this thing goes off the rails fast and never recovers. Patrick and D-Fritz descend upon Seattle to meet some of the nuttiest fans ever. You’ll meet people like Adam, Wes, Davis, Kyllan, and much more. Hear the stories about how […]

Marathon Show – January 2014 – FULL VIDEOS

The entire 24-Hour Marathon Show video from our January 2014 Marathon Show in Los Angeles. This show features tons of great guests, including Moody, Will from NZ, Chip Chip Chris, Ken Barnard, Cornell Reid, Danny Lobell, Sean Green, Tess Barker, Josh Denny, a magician, an impressionist, maybe a satan worshipper, and so much more!   […]

Marathon Show – October 2014 – Full Videos

Congrats on being an Overdose member, because you get to watch all the video from our October 2014 Marathon Show. The psychic Beth Scott, and the Magician Franklin Saint. We’ve got Scott Bowser drunk as shit. Fans and comedians, fun and disasters. You can watch it all here.    

NLO 969: Incompetent Proposal

On this show, Shooby and Patrick continued to get trashed and tease the newly discovered Cliff Cash info. Fan Roger calls in and in the most spectacular fashoin manages to bumble what could have been a really cool show moment. It might not matter anyway because he may be a giant liar. This is bonus […]

AS 932 – Cornell Reid

Cornell hangs out for an aftershow, and we talk to some fans.  

NLO 932 (Full HD Video)

Comedian Cornell Reid is in the studio with Patrick today. The guys are talking about all kinds of things today. Patrick gets in to more serious Trayvon Martin discussions. If you’re getting tired of that, then sorry. We also talk about Honey Boo Boo, Starbucks, and bitcoins. Patrick is going bitcoin crazy. He wants to […]

NLO 931 (Full HD Video)

Al Jackson stops by the studio to school you on what’s what. It’s been quite a long time since Al has been on the show, and Patrick lets him know he doesn’t appreciate it one bit. Patrick and Al discuss the Trayvon Martin drama further, and it goes exactly how you think it will. Callers […]

NLO 930 (Full HD Video)

Patrick is joined in the studio by comedian Karl Hess. So much has happened to talk about? Did you know America’s favorite crappy snack cake, the Twinkie, is back? It’s gross! We talk about the Trayvon Martin case and have differing opinions. Is it so wrong to be walking around with Skittles in the rain? […]

NLO 929 (Full HD Video)

Comedians Ken Barnard and Ricky Carmona are in the studio for this insane show. We are talking about the epic TV thriller Sharknado – a film sensation that cannot be described, no matter how many tangents you use to try to explain it. Patrick announces a new segment that will now be used to recap […]

NLO 928 (Full HD Video)

Comedian Ryan Dalton is in the studio today. Ryan is a good sport, and proves it today by putting up with Patrick’s teasing. You’ll see what we mean. There’s talk about the recent Asiana Airlines plane crash. Patrick is in a pretty silly mood and goes off on a lot of tangents. We watch a […]

NLO 927 (Full HD Video)

Patrick is joined in the studio by the lovely Alli Breen. Patrick is in a silly mood. Chip Chip Chris calls in about his recent trip and review of Five Guys burgers. Alli and Patrick lament their love lives together, and Alli may or may not be getting old. Patrick doesn’t understand people who listen […]

NLO 926 (Full HD Video)

Comedian Ken Barnard is back in the studio after a time off. Ken is sporting a super cool cop mustache. Ken may or may not have a new sandwich chain sponsor. Patrick is hot, and Ken is hot. We talk about some fans who met in Australia over an NLO sticker and a not on […]

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