Kyle Legacy

"Hmmrmm phrmffm mffffm hmmmmssrfff or sumthin?"


Making his First TV appearance on Russell Brand’s Brand X in 2012 as a ‘Drunken Duncan’, Kyle has never looked back since and once leaving the USA he headed to Australia where started his stand up career in Sydney. Being Born and raised in Liverpool, UK, Kyle operates in what seems to be a goofy haze; easily lifting the audience up to the same high spirits as himself. Once there, he reveals an a skill for surreal interludes into the absurd, showing his very genuine childlike sense of wonder in the world around him – a place which he reveals to the crowd as a baffling but very amusing place to be. Having a knack for making people laugh, Kyle is no rookie to the stage, he performs 7 nights a week, is a regular at the comedy store, as well as taking his talents to Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and even the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for sell out shows in 2016. Able to MC great gigs and bad gigs with his loud and goofy approach, makes this a heavily crowd interactive show. Kyle is moving up the comedy ladder with his great gift for crowd work and is becoming one of Sydney’s favorite emcees. Barrack Obama once said that ‘Kyle Legacy is bigger than Hip Hop!’ – (Not true.)
Kyle is from Liverpool, but lives in Australia and is currently being studied by scientists.

Show Appearances