BONUS – Oodles of Noodles!

Something about a pecan-topping on an ice cream cake or something. Probably don’t watch, I’d say. Jkjk this is a bonus show from one of our Sunday Funday shows, usually an OVERDOSE exclusive. Patrick is full from eating at a Taiwanese restaurant, and he’s got soy sauce and noodles spilling out of his pores. There is no plan, so this show ends up being a meandering journey through the forest of YouTube fun nuggets. We watch a cooking video from Michael Ray Bower to try to get back in to a healthy frame of mind. Stay tuned for a bonus recipe featuring salmonella. We check out Twitch for the first time in forever, and the freaks over there are more niche than ever. We finish the show the way most big meals end – a steamy pile. We check out Josh Denny’s Jenkum and the rest of the Compound Media and out-of-its. It’s a potluck, so bring a bowl!

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Episode Guests

Josh Denny

Josh Denny

Los Angeles, CA

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