January 23, 2024: Patrick Is BACK! Let’s Catch Up On HAPPENINGS!

Patrick is fresh off the boat from Hawaii, and instead of going to bed like some kind of lazy bones, he’s coming in the studio to endure a program with you sour sacks. Patrick has been in a tropical paradise for over a week, and he may be very behind on the goings-on in the dabbleverse. Let’s catch up with some of the best moments, go over some of the hottest gossip, and watch some of the best lols of the week. Kate Meaney picks a fight and loses again. Chad finds out that Patrick can ruin his show from a sandy shore across the world. Kevin Brennan continues his march towards profitability and complete delusion by shedding guests that suckle at his superchat teet. Feel free to call in and catch Patrick up on your favorite story of the past week.

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