June 17, 2024: STUTTERING JOHN Goes To Vegas! Steel Toe’s Aaron Imholte Is a BAD DAD!

It’s Monday and there are some fantastic things to recap from the weekend! Stuttering John, who used to be a mentally-disabled diversity hire at The Howard Stern Show and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, visited Las Vegas and tried to hunt down Patrick and serve him a piece of his mind. Or did he? Patrick breaks down the game film and gives his side of the confrontation. Keanu is back on Steel Toe today, badmouthing people and agreeing with nonsense to please her main man, Aaron Imholte. Let’s watch two big brains break down the nick Rekieta and April Anderson situation for the nineteenth time with absolutely no evidence or truth behind it. How did Aaron Imholte celebrate Father’s Day with his three children? Did the one he never wanted feel included in the fun? Let’s find out!

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