March 8, 2024: STEEL TOE Catch-Up Show! MOOBY Makes An Ooopsie! Patrick Can’t Internet!

Patrick is back after a harrowing day of unreliable and unpredictable internet service. He has spend a considerable amount of money for a 5G cellular backup system to remedy this issue in the future. Aaron and April Imholte are on there third weed of being sick, and it must be some fever, because the Moobs has convinced himself that his numbers are higher than ever. Watch as the Scrimp brings her man some soda, the two argue about energy drinks, and they wreck their precious Rodecaster, whcih is the very cornerstone of their super professional broadcast. Bob Levy has made some moves, set some traps, and is now threatening action if Brennan doesn’t pay him money. What’s going on? Does anyone know? What is Bob going to do? Is Kevin going to lose his channel?

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