NLO 1361: A Pools Errand

Patrick is kicking off his day with coffee and an apology to Breonna Taylor. Patrick’s latest foray in to trying to buy a house has failed again due to a poor inspection that revealed a million problems. He quickly recovers though, by making another offer on a new house, but not without it’s compromises. He’s decided to go full basic bitch, purchases a magazine-like home stamped out in a planned community, and the worst part is there is no pool. But Patrick has the solution – he will just build a pool in the small back yard himself. We go over whether or not Rudy Giuliani is a creep in the new Borat movie. There’s two sizes of toilets, Patrick has some of Landry’s old election yard signs, and we remember Polar Pops. There’s too much drama in Las Vegas and Patrick is on the brink of breaking.

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