NLO 1376: Phantoms & Feet

Patrick has been working hard on rearranging the studio, hanging lights and other show paraphernalia from the rafters. With only a trusty drill, sorry, impact driver, in one hand and the other one gorilla glued to itself, it’s all sure to turn out well. The US Postal Service is getting new vehicles, and somehow they’re worse. Patrick is on the hunt for both a ghost that might be tapping or slamming things in the night, as well as what may or may not be a pack of pigeons inside a computer. Have you ever wanted to have a drag queen deliver your dinner? Us either. Do you have ADHD? It’s time we found out through a simple test. Patrick is getting a swim spa and there’s not a damn thing the HOA can do about it. Nvidia doesn’t want cryptocurrency miners buying up all it’s graphics cards. Amazon needs to figure out how to send packages without making a mess. Enough with dark mode – we get it; your eyes hurt. We get an email tip that a certain comedian in Las Vegas is super in to feet, and there’s receipts!

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