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NLO 1410: Recalibrating Rogan

Let’s have a SUNDAY FUNDAY! Patrick is triggered, but so is the rest of the internet. Let’s have some sips of weeds, smoke some fizzy lifting drinks, and get in to it. How fast will Patrick become fatigued by his clear case of long crow-vid? Will the chat troll him to the point of cutting? Can he navigate ideas and thoughts, pointing out hypocrisy, while not losing any friends? Will he talk shit about a comedian you know? All these questions and more will be answered in this meandering Sunday stroll through Trigger Town! Stop worshipping Joe Rogan, stop worrying about Miss Information. We check in on our pal Moody, who is trying to single-handedly take down Elon Musk. Conflict of interest? You decide!

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NLO 1407: Clawee

It’s the week before Christmas, but as an adult, how much should you care? Do you have kids? Do you have them go to a mall and sit on Santa’s lap? Seems like some sick, weird stuff. You better not have raped. Patrick has been force-feeding his dog CBD after her laparoscopic spay surgery. People who feel too strongly one way or another about mask mandates are mentally ill. Speaking of mentally ill, Patrick is worried about society not really caring about facts or accurate historical understanding. Tesla is sold out of cars until 2023 and Patrick thinks he should just yeet and order one with the hopes he will be able to afford it by then. Thai Rivera has moved into a room and doesn’t seem happy about it. Patrick is going through a very traumatizing divorce.

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NLO 1376: Phantoms & Feet

Patrick has been working hard on rearranging the studio, hanging lights and other show paraphernalia from the rafters. With only a trusty drill, sorry, impact driver, in one hand and the other one gorilla glued to itself, it’s all sure to turn out well. The US Postal Service is getting new vehicles, and somehow they’re worse. Patrick is on the hunt for both a ghost that might be tapping or slamming things in the night, as well as what may or may not be a pack of pigeons inside a computer. Have you ever wanted to have a drag queen deliver your dinner? Us either. Do you have ADHD? It’s time we found out.

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NLO 1375: Stonky Kong

Patrick is settling in to the new studio, and while there’s still a lot of adjustments to make, there’s even more crap to talk about that’s happened in the past couple of months. Patrick has finally gotten a haircut, and he wants you to know about it. We talk about all the recent market moves, from the recent GameStop peaking to the latest developments in Bitcoin. Patrick wants to get a Tesla, and he thinks Bill Gates is jealous of Elon Musk. We skim the top of some political stuff, and Patrick gets outraged at the though of others having opinions, as usual. The Super Bowl was a massacre, but Patrick loved it.

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NLO 1354: It’s Electric!

Patrick has been busy but that’s not going to stop him from bitching about everything under the sun. SUBtember is here at Twitch so that seems very to tell people about continuously. We reveal that we have a very capable doxxer in our midst. Patrick has lost everything in the stock market and wants your sympathy. We look in to other electric car manufacturers besides Tesla.


NLO 1336: Pool Aid (Full Show)

Patrick fires up the stream to hang with Alex Ansel and discuss all the recent goings on in the United States of Terror. Patrick is seriously contemplating moving when his lease is up, and possibly…

NLO Shows

NLO 1336: Pool Aid

Patrick fires up the stream to hang with Alex Ansel and discuss all the recent goings on in the United States of Terror. Patrick is seriously contemplating moving when his lease is up, and possibly pulling the trigger on buying a new house. He’d like to get a pool, including a pool house and Kool Aid wants to move in and be the show intern. Patrick wants to be a professional troll, and he’s got some ideas.