NLO 1444: Kill Carlson (aka Jill Tony)

Everyone is living in their own insane little bubble and Nobody Likes Onions is here to cover it all! On this show, Patrick roasts comedian Trixx for his woke virtue-signalling, Big Irish Jay for his towel usage, and Lindsay Glazer for a WHOLE LOT of reasons we can’t even begin to describe. We breakdown the Jill Carlson appearance on Kill Tony at Skankfest Las Vegas in a fair and measured manner. Rokfin needs someone to guide them to success. Patrick talks about a lot of people cryptically to avoid virtual eye contact. Men in our society are acting bonkerz. Cool Cat has a new project and is looking for people to join in. Did we mention Lindsay Glazer may be a loon? Ocha Thai is live and the stream is unbearable. Lindsay Glazer has a crazy past. Dee Lila sells pee live. Leslie Jones update regarding her Comedy Store assault of Josh Martin. Leslie Jones apparently CREEPS on dudes and makes them uncomfortable.

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