NLO 741: Hospital Boat

The studio is graced by the presence of two ladies this evening, or at least by two females. Comedians Alli Breen and Tess Barker are here to balance out Patrick’s misogynistic nature and give him a dose of reality. Topics include retards and their clothing, how much weed is too much weed, whether or not rape is funny, is it gay, relationship advice for seventeen year olds, hilarious porno openings, and so much more!

  • Show Notes
    0:00:00 NEW GUEST!! Tess Barker is in the Studio – Website & Alli Breen is here too! 5th Show
    0:02:05 Tree Talk – r/trees
    0:02:40 Alcohol Focus Group – Boone’s Farm Alcohol
    0:05:40 Ass Drugs & International Waters
    0:11:11 Bill Burr Recap/Patrick Meltdown
    0:15:30 Brunch Time!
    0:17:30 “Rinse off the Rape!”
    0:21:50 Retard Syndrome
    0:23:20 Downs Designs
    0:26:00 Urban & Girl Themes
    0:28:16 “Women aren’t funny” podcast with Alana Johnston – Check out GentScum 32
    0:28:30 Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus
    0:31:25 Brunch Story (Part II) “Boneless right?”
    0:36:00 Wet LA Weather & “Shoes-B”
    0:38:38 Email: “I’m a comedian and need a place to stay…”
    0:45:30 NLO Experience!
    0:47:10 “Cum Pinata”
    0:47:55 Is it Gay? “Watching a shemale do a chick?”
    0:52:05 Josh Denny & The Great American Adventure
    0:55:00 Is it Gay? “First time sex with erection difficulties…”
    0:58:30 “Gookle It” & Shanghai Guest
    1:04:00 NLO Browser Buddy Extensions
    1:06:34 Bad Porn Intro’s Vid 1Vid 2
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