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Aftershow 803 – Al Jackson

Al Jackson sticks around for an aftershow. We talk about toasting lettuce. Is it good or bad for the show? We talk about food and GrubHub. What is shawarma?). Kevin in Toledo calls in and…

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Bong for Sale

Bid on Patrick’s bong – he’s selling it because he needs money. It’s autographed in white paint by Patrick, and dated 1-26-2012. This auction is for OVERDOSE members only – bid in the comments. Pictures…

Aftershow Video

Aftershow 752 – Tom Segura

Tom Segura is here, and Patrick is telling him about some asshole in the chat. He’s clearly very upset about it, because he rants until the guy bails from the chat room. Tom is indifferent….

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NLO 741: Hospital Boat

The studio is graced by the presence of two ladies this evening, or at least by two females. Comedians Alli Breen and Tess Barker are here to balance out Patrick’s misogynistic nature and give him

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Shooby Smokes Herb

In Las Vegas in 2008, Nobody Likes Onions had a fan meetup and a comedy show. Then-fan and now-intern Shooby was talked in to smoking a little something-something in another listener’s hotel room.  … This