NLO 818: Ham Job

JOSH DENNY co-hosts in this action-packed episode. A relentless onslaught of Facebook voicemails hounds Patrick. Hame could be a great sexual tool. We also discuss why all sub shops are shit, except for the Chinese ones apparently. Josh is all kinds of messed up in this episode, never shutting up about having to shit and relentlessly complaining about his broken dick. Fruit Stripe Gum is a new sponsor. The secret little man in every Chipotle burrito makes an appearance. Patrick adores his new Roomba and NEEDS to know who bought it. Josh discusses his first sexual experience. We get a little ray-ray up in here as we explore a history of racism in music including making a new cover of a certain Mighty Mighty Bosstones song entitled “The Racial King.” And of course, all the upcoming shows are quite thoroughly announced, including a $5 NLO stand-up show on August 31st in Los Angeles. OVERDOSE members can watch Patrick drive his hoveround in his latest GTA gaming segment and also enjoy the commentary he brings to the Roseanne Roast.


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