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Members Only – 420 Awards (2023)

Help ring in Patrick’s birthday for real for real by watching the latest edition of Daddy Derek Savage’s latest edition of the 4/20 awards! He’s just four months late this year! The latest iteration of Derek’s delusional dream has the best production value ever, and we are here for it. Will Steve Pearl do another HILARIOUS standup set to no applause? How many times will Derek raise his white power fist? Will Cool Cat show is face? What if this awards show becomes the sleeper hit the nation has been waiting for? Only time will tell if this man’s desert dreams will ever come true.

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NLO 1443: 43

It’s Patrick’s birthday! Patrick went to Barry’s Downtown Prime steakhouse for a delicious birthday dinner, and he is unhappy to report that they still didn’t nail the temperature on his steak. Patrick has a bombshell from Agent O. Allegedly Leslie Jones assaulted and cost a bartender his job after a recent interaction. Josh Denny claims to have talked to Kanye West for hours, and is possibly going to be working on his new clothing line! Is it a lie? Chappelle is hosting SNL and the writers are threatening to boycott. The Oscars are trying to become relevant again by bringing back Jimmy Kimmel, as if anyone is interested.

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NLO 1391: Going Down In Smoke

Thai Rivera is smoking or snorting more of whatever he smokes or snorts than usual. In this show, Patrick details this insane man’s plan to take Las Vegas by storm with a residency show that promises to be a complete clusterfuck. Void of planning, talent, capabilities, contacts, technical prowess, marketing money or common sense, Thai is forging forward at the expense of a newer local comic named Ralph Tutela. Patrick predicts how this debacle will play out. We then move on to cover Derek Savage’s 2021 edition of the 420 Awards, with less production value and a sadder presence than ever before. Aside from the usual pointless fumbling through handing out awards to people that are not present, this year Derek has convinced some local Vegas comedians to come in and do some of the presenting.