NLO 1443: 43

It’s Patrick’s birthday! Won’t you come celebrate with us! Bring alcohol and gifts, cash and tits! Patrick went to Barry’s Downtown Prime steakhouse for a delicious birthday dinner, and he is unhappy to report that they still didn’t nail the temperature on his steak. That’s three premiere steakhouses in one year that have failed to succeed at one of the most basic tasks of a restaurant that serves prime cuts! Patrick has a bombshell from Agent O. It seems that a celebrity has been misbehaving in Los Angeles at the Comedy Store. Allegedly Leslie Jones assaulted and cost a bartender his job after a recent interaction. We have the scoop when no one else does! Josh Denny claims to have talked to Kanye West for hours, and is possibly going to be working on his new clothing line! Is it a lie? You decide! Chappelle is hosting SNL and the writers are threatening to boycott. The Oscars are trying to become relevant again by bringing back Jimmy Kimmel, as if anyone is interested. The 420 Awards seem to have been abandoned. Keith and the Girl are back and asking for their annual stipend of $25,000 in order to run servers for their live show. This program could have the dumbest fans on the planet, and we revisit the video proof! This is 43, and this is fantastic!

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Episode Guests

Josh Denny

Josh Denny

Los Angeles, CA

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