Aftershow Video

Aftershow 1458: Tim Can’t Tech!

We’re watching some vintage Dillion Dilligaf, who makes some great appearances with old show favorites. We also watch some of the latest content from Donkey Lips that is meant for his fans only. And of course we let Summer Sinclair wrap up her insane presentation to four people somewhere in a black box theatre in the warehouse district of Las Vegas. But the main entertainment of the night is waiting and watching as our boy Tim Chizmar emails frantically trying to find out from Patrick how exactly to join the YouTube channel to watch live. By the time he is able to figure it out, after multiple emails and a phone call, Patrick and the chat celebrate by wrapping it up!

NLO Shows

NLO 1448: Lax Las Vegas

Patrick gets an anonymous angry email regarding several people on the Las Vegas comedy scene! We have so many new rabbit holes to go down! We talk about comedian David Lee aka Kitty Pineapple and try to figure out what’s going on with that situation. Lex Las Vegas loves everyone in town, but we aren’t sure that’s a great thing. A pregnant open mic comic named Caitlyn Daisy B is being roasted in a smoky bar, because she’s an absolute killer comic and a legend on the Vegas scene. Jkjk it’s a garbage fire that won’t light because it’s soaked in amniotic fluid. Skippy Sprinkles is not good or funny, and it’s getting sad. Honesty is dead amongst comedians.

Aftershow Video

Aftershow 1435: Ghost Hunting

Casper the Comic might be more insidious than we originally realized. Regardless of his intentions, the overconfidence embodied by this dude is beyond cringe. We dive in to Casper and start to also explore a new potential curiosity named Amaru out of Lansing, Michigan. Agent O has submitted quite a few new case studies to our little museum of oddities, and we plan to get to them all. Be patient while Patrick meanders the mazes of mystery laid before us. Everything in due time. ow drink your medicine and say your prayers. Night falls soon.

Featured Videos

NLO 1417: Slurred Lines

Patrick has so much to talk to you about! This show gets very, very drunk. Apologies in advance for the wild opinions and slurred speech, as well as the fake ending. Patrick wants to start gaming again and wants to get an Xbox, but it seems like a frivelous purchase. So he wants you to buy him one. The chat room is being blessed by the presence of a Kennedy. We have TWO UNSEEN new videos from Thai Rivera that produce more questions than answers. One is a younger Thai arguing with his former landlord. One is a live stream test from Thai’s new home in the middle of the night. Big Irish Jay brought his French bulldog over to play with Patrick’s dog, and Patrick embarrassed himself with a pizza fiasco.