NLO 1448: Lax Las Vegas

Patrick gets an anonymous angry email regarding several people on the Las Vegas comedy scene! We have so many new rabbit holes to go down! We talk about comedian David Lee aka Kitty Pineapple and try to figure out what’s going on with that situation. Lex Las Vegas loves everyone in town, but we aren’t sure that’s a great thing. A pregnant open mic comic named Caitlyn Daisy B is being roasted in a smoky bar, because she’s an absolute killer comic and a legend on the Vegas scene. Jkjk it’s a garbage fire that won’t light because it’s soaked in amniotic fluid. Skippy Sprinkles is not good or funny, and it’s getting sad. Honesty is dead amongst comedians because of their desire to be liked. Angie Krum can’t stop posting basic nonsense and falling for scams, but she wants to cut your hair for free…kind of. It’s a whole vibe over here in the Vegas comedy world, and that vibe is delusional dorks pretending to be amazing. Strap in, or don’t. Who cares?

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