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NLO 948: Fritzcoin

Patrick sits down with the one and only D-Fritz for this gem. We’re talking a lot of comedy real talk in this episode. Patrick tricks D-Fritz in to accepting Bitcoin for the Starbucks he picked

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NLO 947: Chappeltdown

Comedian Sean Green is in studio for today’s packed show. Patrick and Sean talk about the pros and cons of meth and how not to make it in your apartment. We watch some footage of

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NLO 946: Clubs are Dumb

Join Patrick and Cornell Reid as they weave a fun couple of hours of show. Patrick is upset about no less than a half dozen things, as usual. Everything from the way people dress to

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NLO 943: Raising Retards

Patrick is flying solo today, but that doesn’t mean it ain’t good. Strap in for some good rants, and a recall of one of the most beloved segments of yesteryear – the Bad Podcast of


AS 938 – Jake Lloyd, Fans

Patrick and Jake get in to some uncomfortable banter. Patrick is nuts. Patrick tries to teach Jake about Bitcoin. Chip Chip Chris and Kevin in Toeldo call in. Download MP3      … This content

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NLO 938: Mike’s Way

Jake Lloyd joins Patrick against his will in the studio. Patrick tells the story of a sandwich place with a big ego. Jake shares the sentiment. Patrick calls the sandwich place to talk to the

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NLO 937: Lyft

If you’re getting tired of Bitcoin talk and don’t like Flip Schultz, leave now. Patrick takes us on a walk down memory lane, discussing how he grew up watching Roseanne. He calls a bowling alley

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NLO 936: MacBookless

Patrick does another solo update show. This one clocks in at just over one hour long. Patrick takes some calls and rants about his frustration with the Apple store and getting his MacBook Pro repaired.

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NLO 935: For Your Coinsideration

Patrick does a quick update show. Yes, he’s all alone. But don’t let that bug you. Patrick talks about his new podcast, some recent PodCrashing adventures, and how to ensure your website looks stupid and