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PM in the AM 18 – Other Bort Shows

It’s a PM in the AM that never gets off the ground! Patrick just ends up making fun of other Bitcoin shows on iTunes. And there’s a lot of rambling and stuff. Not one of the greats!    

NLO 1013: PC People

D-Fritz sits in with Patrick on this short show. Patrick is heading off to New York City and is in frantic travel mode. D-Fritz is fresh off his Bitcoin t-shirt win and thinks he’s bit-rich. Patrick talks about iOS and an experience at the Apple store trying to get his phone fixed. He also talks […]

NLO 1011: NLO Coin

D-Fritz is here to tell you all about how NLO Coin will change the future of money. Just kidding. He probably thinks it’s stupid. But it’s going to be the biggest thing in podcast money coin things to hit the place. Trust us. We check in on some nerd kid who wants the government to […]

NLO 1007: Jake’s Bortday

Ex-comedian and everyman Jake Lloyd is in the studio today to catch us up on all things Jake. Patrick is all over the place on this one, but it’s a long and fun show. Jake’s birthday is tomorrow, and he’s down on his luck. Patrick wants a fan to buy Jake a cheap car and […]

PM in the AM 13 – Other Bort Shows

Patrick does a PM in the AM and talks to someone named Frode and listens to other Bitcoin podcasts.    

Bitcoin Bot Show Part 3 – Moody, Chip Chip Chris, Shooby

Tired of Bitcoin yet? The final part of the Bitcoin bot shows, with the entire gang and even Shooby for some reason making an appearance. Enjoy!    

Bitcoin Bot Show Part 2 – Moody, Chip Chip Chris, Corns

Patrick, Moody and Chip Chip Chris all get the Bitcoin bot bug and scheme and tweak to make a ton of borts and corns.    

Bitcoin Bot Show Part 1 – Moody, Patrick, Borts

Patrick becomes jealous of Moody’s Bitcoin gambling bot and wants to get it working on his own. Follow this array of hours where Patrick just rambles forever and curses at his computers.    

AS 978 – Al Jackson, Dave Williamson

Al Jackson and Dave Williamson stick around for a very Sharkeisha aftershow. Enjoy.    

AS 977 – D-Fritz, Cupcakes

D-Fritz is here for a short aftershow involving borts, corns, cupcakes, and more. Enjoy!    

AS 974 – D-Fritz, Bitcoinz

D-Fritz sticks around for an aftershow abut Bitcoins, a call from Cory, and so much more. I think there is something about ba bings and bongs and bangs.    

AS 976 – Cornell Reid, Scott Bowser

Cornell and Bowser stick around for an aftershow. The guys talk more about Bitcoin, and we get a call from our old pals Lane and Stephanie.    

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