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Members Only Show – July 7, 2023

I have a bad feeling about this. Patrick has some internal business to take care of. Has one of our favorite mods gone rogue yet again? Patrick takes calls from listeners about anything and everything under the sun. Patrick and the chat formulate a plan to purchase a billboard in Minnesota for the Steel Toe Morning Show anniversary show.

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MELTON in the MORNING! Wordless Wednesday (May 31, 2023)

It’s WORDLESS WEDNESDAY, and Patrick won’t be speaking today. Then why do a show? What’s the point? This is stupid? That last one isn’t a question, but you’re most likely some kind of aut, so we here at OnionCorp forgive you. Patrick didn’t want to spend one day without the companionship that is the NLO chat room and it’s wide band of personalities. Patrick will be taking calls, silently reading superchats, and listening to your creations from our NEW AI VOICE SYSTEM! Anything can happen, and the world is what you make it. So don’t touch that dial. Stick around to see how NOTHING can be EVERYTHING and more!

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NLO Classic: Heavy Dooty (Show 764)

CHRIS FAIRBANKS is here and he’s giving us the low-down on whether Ellen seems like a nice person or not, and also offering up theories on how weird porno works. BRIAN KING is also in the studio, and we talk about the Oscars and tweeting, watch the most annoying baby commercial ever, and check in on 90’s sensation Scatman John to see what his career was made of. A fan, Daniel, sits in and brings Patrick a gift. Chris talks about one of his first experiences in L.A., and how he almost died getting involved in others’ business. Patrick has a new plan on how to get everything you have for free. It’s super difficult to find a phone number for Jim Carrey, we look back on Dennis the Menace to see what was so funny about the past, and Patrick tries to get people to use a catch phrase that he can’t exactly remember.

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NLO 1104: Windows Great

Patrick is doing a solo show in the dead of the night. It’s about 2am, and Patrick is up preparing for a trip to Los Angeles. He also is just testing out the new installation

Aftershow Video

AS 1098a – Dan Nainan

Dan Nainan sticks around to take some calls. It doesn’t go well, as most callers seem to be trolling him or just plain name calling. It goes downhill really fast.   Download MP3    …

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NLO 1050: Webslight

Our website has been taken down by our web host, and we ain’t too happy about it. Al Jackson and Forrest Shaw are in studio to help drink the pain away. Patrick discusses what’s going

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NLO 1043: Fat Shaming

Comedian Bill Burr is in the studio for the first time in nearly two years. D-Fritz is also in the studio, rounding out the number of drummers to two. Patrick engages a story about fat

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NLO 1041: Al Needs Pants

Al Jackson and D-Fritz are in the studio, and the vodka is being drank. D-fritz gets some more ragging about his racist girlfriend in front of Al. Al and Patrick have some really serious, intense

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NLO 1029: Papa Nougaty

Josh Denny joins Patrick in the studio for a surprise midnight show. Patrick is not feeling well, after spending days fighting strep throat. We get a bunch of calls from creepy fans that go bump

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NLO 1028: Pay For Pod

Patrick is back from Europe with stories and more. Josh Denny is back in the studio for this show. Aside from checking in on what the hell Jonah Hill and Justin Bieber have done to

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NLO 1009: Hope Floats

Patrick is readying himself for a flight to South Dakota, and D-Fritz is here to help. We hatch a plan to help get people to sign up for the Overdose – we are going to