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Nobody Likes Onions

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PM in the AM – Dec 19, 2016 – Part 1

We check out Josh Denny’s new Food Network show trailer. We take some calls from trolls and begin an afternoon of talking to dorks.  

PM in the AM – Dec 19, 2016 – Part 2

Patrick fixes the phone problem and takes some more troll calls. One caller named Dan Wolfe absolutely embarasses himself with an absolute lack of conviction.  

PM in the AM – Dec 19, 2016 – Part 3

We wrap up the afternoon with another hour of calls. Come for the madness. Stay for all the good points.  

NLO 1104: Windows Great

Patrick is doing a solo show in the dead of the night. It’s about 2am, and Patrick is up preparing for a trip to Los Angeles. He also is just testing out the new installation of Windows 8 on the studio broadcast computer. Is it good? Does it suck? Maybe. Some fans call in, and […]

AS 1098a – Dan Nainan

Dan Nainan sticks around to take some calls. It doesn’t go well, as most callers seem to be trolling him or just plain name calling. It goes downhill really fast.    

Marathon – October 2014 – Part 3

Ryan Stout is in studio for part three of the NLO Marathon Show. On this episode we talk about everything from garnishing wages to stupid girls that take selfies. We get a call from a listener that wants a sweet sixteen shoutout. We were supposed to have a visit from a horrible Christian rapper, but […]

Marathon – October 2014 – Part 2

A psychic joins us in studio for some readings in this portion of the marathon show. But first, Patrick and D-Fritz talk about the ongoing drama related to moving and selling almost everything in the house on Craigslist. The mini air conditioner is still cranking, and we have to shut it down later in this […]

The Chloe Show w/ Moody

Pretty much a complete show that is a bonus for listeners. Patrick left the feed on overnight, and when he came in to shut it off, he ended up doing a 90 minute bonus show with Moody. We talk to Chloe, a weird canadian listener who lies a lot and doesn’t tell us what’s going […]

NLO 1050: Webslight

Our website has been taken down by our web host, and we ain’t too happy about it. Al Jackson and Forrest Shaw are in studio to help drink the pain away. Patrick discusses what’s going on with the show website, and all the websites he runs, and why the hosting company that he used is […]

NLO 1043: Fat Shaming

Comedian Bill Burr is in the studio for the first time in nearly two years. D-Fritz is also in the studio, rounding out the number of drummers to two. Patrick engages a story about fat shaming, and Bill becomes a motivational speaker of sorts. They talk about the nerds that control technology, television shows they […]

NLO 1041: Al Needs Pants

Al Jackson and D-Fritz are in the studio, and the vodka is being drank. D-fritz gets some more ragging about his racist girlfriend in front of Al. Al and Patrick have some really serious, intense moments that seem almost comically dramatic. We take a lot of phone calls, from both guys and girls. Our old […]

AS 1030a – D-Fritz, IJHATT Kyle, Lukster

D-Fritz sticks around for an aftershow that gets a little crazy. Patrick keeps drinking and fans call it. D-Fritz bails on the show because he hates everybody. Kyle from I Once Had a Case of Scurvy calls in.    

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