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Nobody Likes Onions

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NLO 1251: Muswell Hell

Recorded in London, Patrick sits down with comedians Nick Dixon and Francis Foster. Nick lives north of London. Like, really north of London. Buses on buses on buses. But that’s where you’d expect to find a star of his caliber, as we find out in this show. After a very cursory introduction, we talk all […]

NLO 1216: Chuffed

Patrick is joined by English comedian Karen Hobbs for the first show back. It’s been a couple months since we’ve fired up the studio equipment, so please bear with our rust while we get this train back on the track. Karen did a show at Patrick’s venue at the fringe in Edinburgh about surviving cervical […]

NLO 1159: Scronouns

Comedian Pete Lee is back and this time, he doesn’t have a crack smoking story. Patrick and Pete delve into a comedy discussion as happens so many times on this show. Pete recounts his recent audition for the New York comedy club The Comedy Cellar, and all the nerves and lore that come with it. […]

NLO 947: Chappeltdown

Comedian Sean Green is in studio for today’s packed show. Patrick and Sean talk about the pros and cons of meth and how not to make it in your apartment. We watch some footage of Dave Chappelle’s latest meltdown on stage, and deal with the harsh reality that maybe he just sucks. Patrick walks you […]

NLO 942: Product

Comedian Tess Barker sits in on today’s show and polishes off the Fireball. Patrick talks about the heat in the valley and dancing like nobody is watching. He’s also apparently either going to prom or on an important date or something, and there may or may not be a trip to Bermuda involved. Tess is […]

NLO 451: Cancer of the Funny Bone
NLO 433: Replacing Johnny