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NLO 1394: Gossip Brunch

Patrick sits down on a Sunday to have a little hang with you, the loyal listener. Patrick gabs with the chat a bit, as there’s quite a bit going on that’s grinding his gears. Patrick is sipping on Starbucks coffee, which he had delivered. He’s aware that this is the epitome of white girl privilege, but that’s how he rolls. Brad is sick, and has cost a fortune in emergency vet bills. Her digestion isn’t running smoothly, and Patrick is worried about his white tiles and grout standing up to doggie brownie batter. Patrick is thinking about possibly attacking his swim spa salesman, who has misled and pressured him with sleazy sales tactics and is now saying it will be 9 more months before Patrick will be swimming. And of course, there’s more Thai Rivera updates than you could possibly want. We are tired of this little garbage fire, too.

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NLO 1111: House of Lards

It’s Sunday, and that means your ears need their weekly dose of Fritz. On this show, Patrick dives deep into cold brew coffee education to the dismay of some of the chat room. There’s an


NLO 804 (Full HD Video)

Al Jackson and Brian King are here for an aftershow. We listen to the racist songs Do The Laundry and I Hate Mondays. In the future every one is going to be one color –…

NLO Shows

NLO 804: Chinese Archaeology

AL JACKSON and BRIAN KING are in the studio. Patrick opens the show with a bad black guy impression, and Al is not impressed. Brian’s studio camera is the sharpest and makes the other guys

Aftershow Video

Aftershow 800 – Brian King, Star

Brian King and Star are back for the aftershow. We talk more about Apple’s new product and OS announcements. Patrick contemplates getting a new MacBook. Star is drinking coffee. A fan calls in and Patrick…

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NLO 758: Starbuckin’

BRIAN KING, ALLI BREEN and the new intern JUDY are here! They talk about the Grammy’s, hitting women, and Brian’s deaf girlfriend. Other topics include abortion, equal rights, Valentine’s day, Whitney Houston, college comedy tours,

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NLO 592: Concentration Camp

Patrick is in Las Vegas with comedian Dan Gabriel. Patrick talks with Dan about the dangers and effects of coffee, married life, and more. The two talk about the passing of fellow comic Greg Giraldo,