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NLO 1432: Soylent Green Comics

Patrick is off to NYC and Europe for a few weeks, so don’t get your bunch in your panties about it. Patrick cannot get over the comedy groups in Las Vegas, and the clueless people who constantly post their insane creations for no discernible reasons. The Comedy Cube is tricking comedians left and right in to doing comedy in a warehouse in Los Angeles. Andrew Schulz is circling back to grift his dumb fans with his special for the second time, and they’re lapping it up! Saudi Arabia is out of control and is vowing to build a whole city in a narrow mirrored glass strip in the desert. It looks like a disaster that can’t possibly function before ground is broken.

Bonus Stuff

Sunday Funday! Krummy Komedy

It’s SUNDAY! It’s FUNDAY! It’s time to see what’s wrong in the world according to Patrick. We’ve got rumors swirling and comedy to watch! Pour yourself a glass of Tang and let’s get to it! Thai is removed from a show by local comedy mom Irma Ruiz, and he isn’t happy about it. That’s not going to stop him from pretending to be Unbothered for 30 minutes about it. Our friend TommyNC2010 calls in to talk about dead dads, and of course tries to turn the conversation political and controversial. Vegas comedian Angie Krum has been taunting her new comedy special, but Patrick can’t believe it’s only ten minutes long. Some chat members are frothed over Patrick krumming the water, but is it worth it?