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Melton in the Morning (Nov. 3, 2022)

The midterms are next week and the state of this country is truly depressing. Our choices are limited and our fundamentals are flawed. Patrick spend the majority of the show discussing the broken system and rampant denial of reality that seems to be affecting everyone in America in modern times. Kanye West fans have decided to raise money on crowdfunding platform GoFundMe for the rapper to return him to billionaire status. The fundraiser has been removed but that hasn’t stop the narcissism greed train from continuing on the platform. Affirmative action may be the one thing we all fundamentally agree about but will never vote together on. Hot cookies don’t come easy.

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NLO 1002: Cookie Season

Patrick settles in to the studio for a solo Friday show. Aside from making some conversation by ranting on his usual annoyances, Patrick is taking suggestions on topics from fans. Apparently it’s cookie season in

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Aftershow 744 with Josh Denny

Patrick sits down with Josh and eats some chocolate chip cookies that they just baked. That’s good for diabetes, right? Josh talks about Expedia custom service, Patrick hates Western Digital hard drives, Josh tries to…

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NLO 597: Fancy Cookies

Patrick is joined in the studio by Mike Bridenstine, and they’re talking about gentlemanly concepts, like fat girls and cookies. Patrick expresses his displeasure with his latest cookie purchase, the guys recap the NLO comedy