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NLO 1179: Cory Loves Dwarves

Tattoo lady Cory swings by the studio to suck the air out of the room like a cigarette. Cory is coming to Edinburgh for the Fringe festival for a week, and Patrick couldn’t be more

Aftershow Video

AS 1179 – Cory Conspiracies

Cory sticks around for an aftershow of conspiracy talk. Cory really believes some of this stuff. We take a look at Alex Jones.   Download MP3    … This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS only.Log

NLO Shows

NLO 1158: The Measuring Stick

America’s favorite tattooing sweetheart Cory has dropped by to grace us with e-cigs. We learn all about the relationship between race and the color of your balls. There’s the usual discussion of weird sexual things,

NLO Shows

NLO 1118: Periodic Table of Pastas

Comedian Luis J Gomez sits in on today’s show, with tattoo-stress Cory. We talk about comedy in summer in the city, and the consequences of not always being politically correct and getting along with other


TCJS – August 4, 2015

Joe does a short show with a homeless man as his co-host. By short, of course we mean long and angry. It’s CLASSIC Joe, with calls from some NLO favorites like Shooby, Cory and so…

Bonus Stuff

Preshow 1112 – Dante Nero, Cory

Patrick loses all of his settings at the last minute and has to restart. It’s a typical thing around here.   Download MP3    … This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS only.Log In SUBSCRIBE NOW

NLO Shows

NLO 1064: Turnt

Shooby is in the studio slash living room for tonight’s amazing show. First, you’ll hear a story about how Shooby locked Patrick out of the apartment somehow, and listen to the voicemails Patrick left while

NLO Shows

NLO 1030: Gays and Glass

D-Fritz is in the studio to help get this party started right. Patrick attempts to tell some stories about last week, but fails again. Vodka and whiskey are flowing and Patrick is recovering from strep