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December 11, 2023: The C Word! YouTube DELUSION Invades Joey C’s Brain! Kate Meaney Has NOTHING!

It’s Monday, and you might be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but Patrick is reeling from some bad news he received over the weekend. Could this be the end for Patrick’s poor beloved dog, Brad? And if so, is there any alternative, short of a medical miracle, that can bring comfort to this man? Worlds collide in ways you can’t even imagine, Watch as the Kate Meaney saga brings us back home to Las Vegas, where we meet a new nut! Angie Krum is gettin ready to release a podcast that is going to be full of comedy lol gold. Her simple mind coupled with a team of idiots has conjured up an entertainment juggernaut that will sweep cosmetology circles like wildfire. TommyNC2010 has reviewed one of the hottest movies of the winter season.