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Nobody Likes Onions

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AS 1152 – Cory’s Birthday, D-Fritz

Cory stops in for her 40th birthday celebration and D-Fritz joins. We’re attacked and trolled in our chat room and Google Hangout by Red Bar.  

Preshow 1150: D-Fritz Mic Issues

Daniel Fritz can’t figure out his microphone. It’s pretty rude stuff.   `

NLO 1150: Opt Out For Humans

Patrick returns after a short break to bring you updates on everything. D-Fritz join in from Los Angeles. We discuss murder reality entertainment, and Patrick shows off some cool new men’s jewelry. Fritz isn’t in to Patrick’s new idea for a social service that lets you unsubscribe from people’s bullshit. There’s new updates on the […]

NLO 1144: Yoko Oh No

We continue the discussion of the comedy club that wouldn’t pay. Everybody’s favorite boi D-Fritz sits in on today’s show, even though I don’t know if it can be officially called a show. We try to start three or four times with no luck. D-Fritz gives excuses as to why he’s been absent for two […]

AS 1139 – Shooby, D-Fritz

Patrick does an aftershow with Shooby and D-Fritz, and things get weird. Wings are on the way. Kat is making blackened salmon for dinner. Voice effects are go.    

NLO 1139: France, Flags and Followers

This one is loaded up with Shooby in studio and ya boi D-Fritz from Los Angeles. As many people know, last Friday Paris was attacked by a group of ISIS mass shooters. Patrick is focused on fixing the hostility, but Fritz has amped up the hate and taken his vengeance to Facebook. Patrick talks about […]

NLO 1138: Previous Engagement

The show is off to a late start because of an unexpected police visit. It’s not terribly exciting, but it’s pretty nerve-wracking when police are shuffling around your secret lair of broadcast debauchery. D-Fritz calls in to explain his recent engagement, and also comment on the latest in the Josh Denny drama. Patrick warns of […]

NLO 1136: SplashBook Pro

It’s Sunday and that means D-Fritz aka Ya Boy aka Whipped Potatoes is here with us. Fritz was in a horrific car accident last week with his girlfriend while on vacation in Pennsylvania. It could have been really bad, and we could have lost our Fritz forever. Stupid unprotected left turns! Patrick has a big, […]

NLO 1134: Bathroom Codes

Ya boi D-Fritz visits the studio for one day only to do a show. He’s lucky enough to be around for a therapy session with Patrick and Chip Chip Chris involving a bathroom at a Five Guys burger restaurant. Apparently, Chris isn’t good at being patient and Patrick screams across rooms. The guys went and […]

Preshow 1128 – D-Fritz

It’s time for another edition of Making Fritz Wait. This time, with way more Pablow the Blowfish in your head.    

NLO 1128: Comedy Comments

It’s Sunday, and that probably means ya boi (your boy) is somewhere nearby. D-Fritz joins this show to talk about condemning new fans and redemption for others. We watch a video apology from new-superfan Steve Curran. Patrick updates everyone on his weight loss progress. Patrick talks about all hell breaking loose in a comedy contest […]

NLO 1126: Live in Seattle

This is one of our drunkest, most out-of-control live shows ever. Please be aware that this thing goes off the rails fast and never recovers. Patrick and D-Fritz descend upon Seattle to meet some of the nuttiest fans ever. You’ll meet people like Adam, Wes, Davis, Kyllan, and much more. Hear the stories about how […]

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