NLO Shows

NLO 965: Trick or Skeet

Comedian and man-candy Ryan Stout is in the studio to kickstart November right. There is drinking, and some discussion of black face and the use of the some challenging language. Patrick makes a solid argument

Aftershow Video

Aftershow 799 – Mike Bridenstine

Mike Bridenstine sticks around for an aftershow – OVER TWO HOURS of fun, the return of Cockfosters, and we order some Chinese food. We take your calls, we organize some London stuff, Chip Chip Chris…

NLO Shows

NLO 784: Delivery Debacle

Patrick and Josh do a show from high above the Vegas strip in their beautiful Bally’s suite. This show talks about their Vegas adventures, meeting the hottest 38-year-old they’ve ever seen, doing comedy, gambling, ordering

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Overdose Show 8 – Wokcano

Patrick and Josh crash your Friday night fun by doing a two hour show. They force a listener in to ordering them Chinese food, Josh eats 18 pieces of sushi, watch eel porn and make…