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Aftershow 1373: Thai, Josh Denny

Patrick continues covering the clusterfuck of a podcast that Thai Rivera did with fellow comics Shang and Black Pedro. It gets even more ridiculous as Thai begins the act like he has somehow made a fool out of Shang and Pedro. They both spiral in to hypothetical arguments, spurious emotional anecdotes, and straight-up name calling. It’s hard to tell who is more cringe in this abortion of a broadcast.

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NLO 760: Bad Advice

PATRICK flys solo for OVER FOUR HOURS in this late night show. Patrick pops open the Jameson and takes calls from listeners. He talks about the Overdose and what’s coming soon for subscribers, he gives

NLO Shows

NLO 533: Tempered Glass

Patrick is joined in the studio by comedian Todd Glass, and shit is going to get weird. Patrick and Todd talk about gifts, parking tickets, hecklers and fat people on airlines. Both these guys are