NLO 760: Bad Advice

PATRICK flys solo for OVER FOUR HOURS in this late night show. Patrick pops open the Jameson and takes calls from listeners. He talks about the Overdose and what’s coming soon for subscribers, he gives credit advice likes some low-rent Suze Orman, and talks to tattoo artist Cory in Long Island about the show NY Ink, her BFF RoBear, and her denial about her fledgling relationship with her baby daddy. THere’s a lot of philosophy and rambling, and strap in because this is a long roller coaster of an emotional ride with a drunk man on the teetering brink of oblivion. Don’t take anything said in this show as real advice or real in anyway. Patrick is a complete lunatic. Enjoy the show!


Full HD video of this show and the aftershow are available in the OVERDOSE!


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