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PM in the AM: Dec 10, 2020

Patrick sits down for a morning chat with you, his favorite listeners. Twitch has been sending out some long emails lately, and they are making new policies about content almost daily. Get ready for no jokes and no fun online. Patrick thinks he has been hacked because of a camera glitching and his new networking equipment being setup by a crazed fan named Spiro Bronch. Patrick has been painting and doing projects at the new house, which have been keeping him too busy to hang out with you dorks.

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NLO 1146: Comedy Blacklist

Shooby sits in for a show in lieu of our previously scheduled guest. We’re talking about a recent mishap with a large portion of Overdose subscribers that’s screwed up a lot of things. Patrick is

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NLO 1009: Hope Floats

Patrick is readying himself for a flight to South Dakota, and D-Fritz is here to help. We hatch a plan to help get people to sign up for the Overdose – we are going to

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NLO 1002: Cookie Season

Patrick settles in to the studio for a solo Friday show. Aside from making some conversation by ranting on his usual annoyances, Patrick is taking suggestions on topics from fans. Apparently it’s cookie season in

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NLO 895: Go Veg

Patrick does a solo show. The first part of this show was lost twice. It was kind of re-enacted. It’s whatever. A lot of inside talk on this show. Patrick explains why there haven’t been

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NLO 841: Buddas

Patrick is solo in the studio. British people are conceited and Britain is a joke of a country. Patrick reads news Overdose subscribers’ names. Patrick takes calls from fans, including a guy names Buddas, who

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NLO 814: Chock-Fulla-Gay

Brian King and Star are in the studio for a late show tonight. We talk about how the studio is progressing. Brian and Star don’t want to talk about their not-relationship. Some gay calls in