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Nobody Likes Onions

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NLO 1235: Rainspotting

Patrick does a late night drunk show with Edinburgh Mikey and fans. And when we say drunk, we mean drunk. It’s almost 5am in Edinburgh and we’ve been drinking beer and whisky since about 8pm. Mikey is under fire for having the most unproductive day off ever. We find out what it’s like to be […]

AS 1231 – Shooby, BarWatch, Crazy Joe

We stick around for an aftershow with Shooby and lots of crazy shit happening tonight. We start by examining Mike David’s latest spin about being let go from the Cumia Network. Crazy Joe is in rare form, and then worlds collide when a hopped-up Red Bar fan calls in to duel with Crazy Joe. Who […]

TCJS – Jan 11, 2017

Crazy Joe is back and this time he’s really pissed. Oh wait, he’s always really pissed. His rants are getting crazier and his paranoia knows no limits. Joe is back, baby!  

NLO 1230: Thainosaur

It’s pretty much like a Game of Thrones episode, because we’ve got Brits and a dragon. Not a dragon. Just Shooby in a stupid dinosaur costume with a voice that is suffering the effects of a week of partying on Holy Ship. Long-time fan Dave from England (or as you may know him, Gay Dave) […]

PM in the AM: Dec 23, 2016

Patrick can’t sleep so he decides to drink early in the morning. This show is basically all about drones and drone shopping. Fans call in.  

TCJS – Dec 21, 2016

Crazy Joe has had it with The Onions this time, and he’s ranting about it. He interviews some shitty band and takes calls from Onions. The usual.  

NLO 1226 (Part 2) – Moody from NZ

Patrick continues drinking and Moody skypes in from NZ. We talk about everything from Bitcoin to his sister.   Download MP3  

PM in the AM – Fri, Nov 11, 2016

Patrick does a special birthday-morning PM in the AM. Maybe you shouldn’t drink this early in the morning.  

NLO 1222: The Trumpening 2016

It’s election night, and Patrick is joined by a roundtable of comedians to ring in the reign in the terror. James Hesky is here, and if anyone was ever on-edge about the impending election results, Hesky fits the bill. Ross Parsons and Tim Unkenholz also sit in to provide some insight on the election and […]

AS 1220 – Shooby, Fans

Shooby sticks around for a late night show with some fan callers. We learn about weight loss drugs and check in on a Lil Dicky joint we haven’t heard before.  

FringeCast – August 22, 2016

We turn on a microphone in a room with tons of drunk fans and anything can happen. Join Patrick, Edinburgh Mikey, Wes, Steve, and Shooby as they sit around and just talk about their fringe experiences and things they’ve seen.  

NLO 1200: Underbelly Quadcast

Patrick and Sean do a show from the Underbelly Med Quad at the Edinburgh Fringe. Patrick is mad about the lack of hot water at the flat they are renting. We talk to some punters about shows they’ve seen, and we talk to some fans about their experience at the fringe so far. We also […]

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