NLO 1377: Build a Bubble

Patrick starts the show out with a mini rant about Twitch and their weird mechanisms for creators. A string of rapid subscription triggers something called a hypetrain, and that seems inappropriate. There seems to be some memory of Golden Corral that has triggered a very emotional rant from Patrick about chocolate fondue. Patrick doesn’t understand why conservative YouTube nuts like Steven Crowder are so interested in arguing about gender. A lesbian fan in Germany has some strong opinions. The show had the best of intentions, but an off-handed line intended to support an argument triggers a tangent of conversation, aggravation and consternation that eventually leads to a fan getting upset at a chat bot, spinning out, and quitting the show. We basically try to decide if Trump is racist, or a nazi or something else. Other strong opinions emerge and the chat room begins to eat itself. There’s no hope. Kiss your children goodnight.

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