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PM in the AM – Special Liverpool Edition

Patrick is in Liverpool and does a PM in the AM with Sean. Sean has a baby now, but fantasizes about what life would be like as a single dad if his wife dies. Patrick somehow gets a free new MacBook Pro from Apple.  

NLO 1256: The Garden of Liverpool

Comedians Kyle Legacy and Ruven Govender join Patrick in Liverpool for a pre-fringe podcast. Find out how stupid Patrick is in this show when it comes to operating the podcast recording equipment. Learn about comedy boxing and the stakes of the match Kyle and Patrick will be fighting in once in Edinburgh. Ruven apologizes for […]

PM in the AM – Tues, Aug 1, 2017

Sean from Liverpool joins us with his new baby. Babies are loud and scream a lot as you’ll hear in this show. Patrick is heading up to Edinburgh to the fringe.  

NLO 1251: Muswell Hell

Recorded in London, Patrick sits down with comedians Nick Dixon and Francis Foster. Nick lives north of London. Like, really north of London. Buses on buses on buses. But that’s where you’d expect to find a star of his caliber, as we find out in this show. After a very cursory introduction, we talk all […]

NLO 1247: Race and Regret

Patrick in in the studio solo this morning capping off a bunch of news we haven’t really discussed. Just a month before heading off to the UK, terrorism is popping off. Patrick talks about idiots who go to their old employer and shoot up their workplaces. Who knew how many fans are drone dorks? Comedians […]

PM in the AM – Weds, Mar 8 2017

Patrick is back from the UK and does an extended PM in the AM. He’s sick, there’s some gross cigarette packaging, we catch up with Xzibit and re-live the glory days of Pimp My Ride from MTV, and watch our old buddy TommyNC2010 strip down on camera. Not to be missed.  

NLO 1234: The Undateables

Patrick does a show with Sean in cold and rainy Liverpool, England. We talk about everything from the insane wind and rain plaguing this God-forsaken city to Uber and how their drivers in London are turning into real dicks. Patrick has his own suite at Sean’s house now, but it will soon be occupied by […]

NLO 1216: Chuffed

Patrick is joined by English comedian Karen Hobbs for the first show back. It’s been a couple months since we’ve fired up the studio equipment, so please bear with our rust while we get this train back on the track. Karen did a show at Patrick’s venue at the fringe in Edinburgh about surviving cervical […]

NLO 1191: Fringe Freaking

Patrick has landed in Edinburgh and is busy prepping for the start of shows. Sean, defacto producer, moral booster and punching bag joins to talk about the adventure so far. The guys recap some shows around England, their attempts at bribing the press and box office of the venue Patrick is performing in, and all […]

NLO 1185: The Brexit Club

Shooby sits in for this Thursday evening show, as we bite our nails about the Brexit. The United Kingdom is in the middle of a political gaffe that has stolen the attention away from the United States and Donald Trump this week. It looks like they may be leaving the European Union, and Sean from […]

PM in the AM – Weds, June 22, 2016

The UK is voting to leave the European Union tomorrow. It could get nuts. Patrick goes over the latest political news and we look at what the hell DJ Khaled is.  

NLO 1040: Flience

The studio is full, and not just because Shooby and a fan from England is here. Patrick is going crazy, and not in a good and fun way. For some reason the studio is just full of flies. We get a caller that offers up a theory. Shooby is here, and we’re talking about his […]

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