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Nobody Likes Onions

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NLO 1242: ODB

Comedian and weed expert Chris Gardner is in the studio with some big accusations. Apparently there may be a giant weed coverup going on, and Patrick doesn’t know anything about how to pack bowls. This show is heavily reliant on transgender news and topics, from some Caitlyn Jenner bombshells to a Heineken ad tricking people […]

NLO 1048: Condo Cast

Tony Gaud sits with Patrick in a comedy condo in Tampa, FL for a show. This show takes place in a thunderstorm, and at one point lightning strikes pretty much inside the room. Watch the guys flinch on the video version. On this show, we talk about Patrick‚Äôs Florida experiences so far, including almost single-handedly […]

NLO 804 (Full HD Video)

Al Jackson and Brian King are here for an aftershow. We listen to the racist songs Do The Laundry and I Hate Mondays. In the future every one is going to be one color – grey or brown – its debatable. Al zones out when he gets high. Al isn’t proud to admit it but […]

NLO 804: Chinese Archaeology

AL JACKSON and BRIAN KING are in the studio. Patrick opens the show with a bad black guy impression, and Al is not impressed. Brian’s studio camera is the sharpest and makes the other guys look like shit. Al chooses to drink from a crappy faux glass. Patrick demands show notes be taken or the […]