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NLO 1437: Pause Your Emotions

Free popcorn to the first eight people in the chat! Patrick is off to Colorado to run some content. Diaz Mackie calls out Patrick for downloading his special. Lots of hot BBQ talk. Patrick reveals an insane rumor about a recent brawl on the Las Vegas scene. We have a bombshell coming soon about Casper that you won’t want to miss. Josh Denny wants credit for a joke he said earlier. Anthony Cumia and Gavin McInness have had enough of Josh Denny bringing weird losers around their shows and roast him on Compound Media. Apologies to Angie Krum for revealing her joke theft. Thai Rivera is turning in to a skull before our very eyes and seems very confused about his own confidence. Patrick breaks down why Thai won’t ever have massive success in comedy.

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Aftershow 1428: Oh and Eh

A deep dive in to the defunct careers of both Opie and Anthony, and how Josh Denny has decided this wagon without wheels is the thing that is going to get him to the next level. Opie and Anthony were a dynamic duo of radio the likes of which we will never see again, but as they have gone their separate ways, the magic has died. Opie is a lonely, bitter man who makes daily rants revisiting the good old days while talking shit about his former partner to a small pool of fans-turned-trolls who still frequent his social media channels. Anthony has ruined what was a golden opportunity to build a media empire by drinking and burning his head in the sand while idiots steal his money. And Josh Denny, comedy pilot fish, thinks that this old man and his “what was” is enough to propel him in to a golden era of entertainment’s future.

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NLO 1428: Deviled Eggs & Sour Ginger

It’s Sunday Funday, and who knows what that could mean for the merry band of onions! Patrick tries to have an intervention with Big Irish Jay regarding the merchandise he sells after show. Jay thinks it’s cool to recycle an old Coke logo, but Patrick disagrees. Then again, Jay is still a working comedian, so what does Patrick know. Patrick talks about food in the 1970’s, including deviled eggs and why people loved them. Eggs and mayo not your thing? Maybe you’d like the cool relief of some ambrosia salad – apples, nuts, cool whip and coconut! Can’t you feel it all getting stuck in your teeth as we speak? We find out just how many beans Patrick can name while he discusses his poor childhood.