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Nobody Likes Onions

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Moody Reviews Tommy

The fan hangout continues as Moody watches our interview with Tommy for the first time. Moody is our go-to expert on Tommy.  

Dogs, Bongers, and Steves – A Fan Hangout

Catch up with all your favorite fan dorks in this special live fan show. Patrick comes home to find out that several of the fans have a regular Google Hangout, and he crashes it to record it for all to see.  

AS 1152 – Cory’s Birthday, D-Fritz

Cory stops in for her 40th birthday celebration and D-Fritz joins. We’re attacked and trolled in our chat room and Google Hangout by Red Bar.  

NLO Game Night 1 – D-Fritz and Fans

This has potential, but this first show is rough. No video, so this may be unlistenable and boring near the second half. However, here it is for the people who want it, and it may have some gold early on. I warned you. Parts of this suck and are not good for audio-only consumption.   […]

AS 1110 – D-Fritz / Fan Hangout

Patrick has an idea for a game everyone can play together. It’s not working and it takes a long time to get going. Ya boi D-Fritz entertains with a fan Google hangout full of your favorite creeps while Patrick works to get it going. Patrick yells a lot at the fans.    

AS 1078 – D-Fritz, Hangout

Join D-Fritz, Lukster (kind of) and more for this hangout. We talk about all kinds of stuff and make fun of some new weirdos who are appearing on our screens.    

AS 1058 – Al Jackson, Cornell Reid

This is the one you’ve been on pins and needles waiting for. Al Jackson and Cornell Reid stick around for an aftershow that is sure to be talked about for ages. On this show, we do a table read of a television pilot with several fans who call in, and the laughs just keep on […]

NLO Hangout 5 – Dating Fail

Join us as we try to console Alison after she was stood up. We also talk to other fans, but mostly we are just trying to get Alison to give us the number of the guy who stood her up. But she must really want that D, because she ain’t budging.    

NLO Hangout 4 – Cory, Candita, Lukster

Have you heard about Candita? She’s the newest female listener that we’ve become interested in. Learn all about her and more on this special hangout show.    

AS 1056 – Lane & Stephanie Secret Recording

Lane and Stephanie get real when they didn’t know the mics were hot. Everything is going pretty good until Patrick snaps at Stephanie a little too hard. Stephanie reveals that she hates the show, they shouldn’t have come over, and other insulting things. Lane recovers slowly from mushrooms and tries to fix things, but Stephanie […]

AS 1055 – The Lukster Shit Story

Lukster tells us a story for the ages. We’ve all be embarrassed before, but this one may be the best we’ve heard in awhile. Hear how Lukster shit himself in a shopping mall. And more importantly, hear how he got out of it.    

AS 1054 – Ken Barnard, Hangout

Ken Barnard sticks around for a quickie aftershow. The AC is out and it’s hot, but the guys joke and run a mini Google hangout with some fans.    

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